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Getting Rid of the Number Elevens (Frown Lines)

March 11th, 2013 | Conditions, Treatments

Some of my most engaging conversations take place in the change room at the gym. The latest was with a fellow gym mate. She has been going to a spa for ‘laser’ treatments to the creases between her eye brows. After her fifth treatment she was feeling a bit discouraged as she did not see much change.

My gym mate is unlikely to see results as the creases between the eyebrows are ‘dynamic wrinkles’ caused by repeat muscle movement. To erase the lines between the eyebrows it is necessary to stop the muscle movement. This is achieved by injecting inhibiting agents into the Glabellar muscles. Within days of the injection the frown lines usually disappear. These treatments are temporary and need to be repeated every 3 to 6 months.

My gym mate should also be aware that ‘laser’ treatments at a spa are best used for fine, superficial wrinkles. Deeper rhytides, as they are known medically, require the use of wave lengths of laser light that reach deep into the dermis to realign the collagen and elastins. Such powerful lasers are only to be found in dermatology or plastic surgery centers.  The treatments are not for the faint of heart however the results are dramatic.