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Waterproof Sunscreen

April 6th, 2015 | General Info

SurfingA patient of ours loves to surf and can easily spend a whole day riding his board. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin making him the perfect candidate for photo-aging and skin cancer. He is diligent about sunscreen use but finds that the minute he hits the water the products that are great for the beach wash off and his skin is exposed. He recently shared with us a solution – Watermans Sunscreen. Apparently Watermans unique composition makes their products insoluble therefore ideal for water sports as well as for high endurance athletes. This is not an endorsement as we are not really familiar with the product but if you struggle with having to constantly reapply sunscreen, rather than giving up, you might want to give Watermans a try. And if you do please let us know what you think.

Thanks for the Compliment

April 6th, 2015 | General Info

A patient called our office the other day to tell us that we do ‘an excellent job’ and to say ‘how very impressed’ they are with our service. In turn, we would like to thank this patient for taking the time from their busy schedule to thank us for a job well done. It lifts our spirits to know that we are achieving excellence in the services that we provide to our patients.