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Botox injections for masseter reduction

December 31st, 2020 | General Info

botox for masseters treatment Edmonton

Botox is used very commonly to decrease the size of the masseters and to improve symptoms such as grinding, headaches, and TMJ disorders. Decreasing the size of the masseters leads to a slimming of the lower face. This type of non-surgical lower face contouring is very popular, particularly among Asians.

A recent review published in Dermatologic Surgery went through different injection methods for botulinum injections of the masseters in East Asians. Five different methods for injecting the masseters were described.

Different patients have different patterns of masseter hypertrophy and Dr. Nakatsui can decide which is the best way to inject you. Care must be taken when injecting as some of the side effects of injection include a sunken appearance to the cheek, focal bulging of the masseter, and weakening of the risorius muscle, which would affect your smile.