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Post Tattoo Regrets

January 20th, 2014 | Conditions, Treatments


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Post tattoo regrets are common. You went to a party and after a couple of drinks a group of you decided now was the time to be bold and get the tattoo you always wanted or you decided that you and your mate should solidify your relationship with matching tattoos only to discover a month later that he or she has flown the coup but the tattoo is permanent. Then there is the rebellious phase where you want to show the world that you are different and that you won’t conform to social norms even though the crowd you run with all have tattoo. Whatever the reason for your post tattoo regrets lasers now offer a permanent solution to tattoo removal. Depending on the type and amount of ink, the colour, and the size laser tattoo removal requires some patience. However it is possible to remove an unwanted tattoo with lasers without leaving a big scar or removing to much of your natural pigment. Removing unwanted tattoos is something we do every day at the Groot DermaSurgery Centre. Lasers are our business and we do it well. See Laser Pigment Removal under Treatments for more details.