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Suffering from scars?

February 16th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Scarring can be caused from trauma, acne, or something more personal. Scarring can impact our daily lives, such as how we feel, what we wear, and how we act.

Dr. Thomas Nakatsui and the Groot Dermasurgery Centre has treated various forms of scarring for over 15 years using the most advanced forms of lasers surgery and various surgical techniques.

Scar revision requires an observant eye and a creative multi-dimensional approach to be successful. Component analysis of the scar is the first step. A scar may be linear, raised, thick, depressed, uneven, vascular, hyperpigmented (brown discoloration) or hypopigmented (devoid of color). By treating each of the components, the overall improvement is greatest.

In most cases the ideal time to begin treatment is 6 – 12 weeks after the wound has occurred. This allows the laser surgeon to direct the body’s natural healing process to an improved cosmetic result. In certain cases, re-excision of an old scar is performed prior to laser treatments in order to re-establish the 6 to 12 week window of opportunity for laser scar revision.

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