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Do you suffer from a double chin?

February 23rd, 2016 | Conditions, Treatments


No matter how hard your work out or how well you eat, your double chin can remain in place.  Age, genetics, and other factors can cause additional fat/skin to deposit under the chin giving the appearance of a double chin.

Historically, the only way to improve a double chin would be through a face lift surgery.  The face lift surgery is still a great option, however it can have a lengthy downtime and many individuals do not want to undergo an invasive surgery.

ThermiTight™ is the newest in non-invasive procedures in which Dr. Nakatsui is able to deliver controlled thermal energy under the skin in order to reverse the effects of aging.  ThermiTight™ is able to sculpt the troublesome area under the chin and tighten loose skin drastically improving the double chin appearance.

The majority of patients only require a single session. While every patient is unique and individual results may vary, most patients experience dramatic improvements in skin laxity and the appearance of age lines after just one treatment. Patients continue to experience improvement in appearance for months after their procedure and ThermiTight™ results have been proven to last for several years.

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