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Certified Non-Hospital Surgical Facility

Aren’t all medical offices Non-Hospital Surgical Facilities?

Not all offices are Non-Hospital Surgical Facilities; in fact, there are only a few of these facilities in Edmonton and even fewer of them are approved to do general anesthesia. The Nakatsui DermaSurgery Centre is a certified Non-Hospital Surgical Facility (NHSF) in the province of Alberta and is therefore held to a higher standard than most medical offices in the province with respect to sterilization, equipment, and cleanliness. This means that we abide by higher standards and stringent regulations set out by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

In addition to achieving the status of a certified NHSF, the centre has also been approved to perform any of our laser and surgical treatments under general anesthesia and IV sedation. A side benefit for some patients is that it allows us to perform some laser treatments under general anesthetic or IV sedation under Alberta’s health care plan, particularly for those patients with very large vascular birthmarks on the face or body.

As a result of these achievements, you can be assured that best practices are in place for sterilization and equipment for all of our procedures from Botox injections to skin cancer surgery.

For an overview of the College’s requirements for Non-Hospital Surgical Facilities, click here.