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Moles are harmless skin growths that can be flat or protruding. They vary in color from pink and flesh tones, to dark brown or black pigmented lesions. Everyone has them; some of us have a lot, and others have only a few. The number depends on our genes. They sometimes appear in “crops”, especially during the early teens.

Moles can begin to grow in infancy, and new ones can develop at any age. Once one appears, it usually stays for life without becoming a medical problem. A mole that grows or changes in childhood is almost always harmless. On the other hand, if a mole in an adult markedly changes in color, size, or shape it should be checked by a physician to ensure that it is not malignant. If a mole is changing, it is important to assess the ABCDEs of the mole.

Thank you for your kindness and patience when you worked on my daughter. The moles on her face have always caused her to be teased and embarrassed. She told me that she thinks you must be the greatest and the nicest doctor she has ever met.

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