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Laser Mole Removal

Most moles are completely harmless and can be safely ignored. These can be removed for cosmetic reasons but do not require treatment.

Some moles are dangerous and should be excised with a scalpel and sutured. Typically, this type of mole will have changed significantly in colour, shape, size, or symmetry. Excision will leave a more obvious scar but is medically necessary in these cases. If you are not sure if the mole is of concern, you should have the mole evaluated by a dermatologist.

In those cases where the mole is harmless, it can be removed by taking a small sample with a scalpel and then lasering with a carbon dioxide resurfacing laser and/or a Q-switched laser to smooth the edges, remove the pigment, and blend it in to the surrounding skin. At the Nakatsui Dermasurgery Centre, we frequently remove moles using a combination of carbon dioxide laser and Q-switched Alexandrite laser to improve the appearance of these benign moles. Other lesions such as seborrheic keratoses and angiofibromas can be removed in a similar fashion.

All mole samples are sent to the laboratory where a pathologist examines it under a microscope to ensure that it is normal.

Treatments may need to be repeated as the deeper layers of the mole and islands of pigment may push to the surface with time. Moles sometimes grow annoyingly coarse hairs, which may be safely removed by shaving or tweezing. Permanent removal of the hair, which have roots deep within the skin, requires laser, electrolysis or complete surgical excision of the mole. The latter will leave a scar.

Before & After Photos–Mole removal

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Just a quick note to thank Dr. Nakatsui for doing such a wonderful job of removing those moles off my husband’s face. They used to bother him so much and now you can’t even tell where they were.

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