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Laser Tattoo Removal

We are often asked about tattoo removal, as tattoos have become so popular and commonplace in today’s society. Tattoos are embedded in the skin for artistic reasons but can also be caused by trauma, such as falling off a bike or motorcycle. Every day we see patients from every walk of life who have second thoughts about their tattoo. Fortunately, advanced laser technology allows us to remove traumatic and artistic tattoos safely without leaving a scar. When the dirt or ink particles from a tattoo absorb laser energy, the pigment is broken up into tiny fragments. These fragments are then removed through the body’s natural cleansing mechanism leaving behind normal skin.

Tattoo removal requires expertise and a variety of wavelengths as different pigments require different wavelengths of light to remove them. For example, a green ink will generally not respond well to a 532 nm laser but will respond well to a 785 nm wavelength. Optimal tattoo removal also requires extremely short laser pulse durations as this produces the least heat transfer to the surrounding tissue and breaks the pigment into smaller particles.

At Nakatsui DermaSurgery, we have used a variety of lasers for tattoo removal. Our newest laser is PicoWay ® and we have found it to be faster and more effective than our previous pigment removal laser (the Alex TriVantage). This new laser uses three wavelengths (532 nm, 785 nm, and 1064 nm) to treat tattoos. The different wavelengths allow us to effectively treat a variety of colours as each wavelength is better at removing different colours. In addition, Picoway is one of the newest generation of picosecond lasers and has the shortest pulse duration and highest peak power of all current picosecond lasers available in North America.

We have found this laser to be extremely effective at treating tattoos. We have even been able to help remove tattoos resistant to other tattoo removal lasers.


Before and After Photos of Laser Tattoo Removal

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.
laser tattoo removal 1 laser tattoo removal 2

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.

laser tattoo removal 3 laser tattoo removal 4

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.

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