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Dr. Groot’s and Nakatsui’s Medicated Creams

Long term exposure to the sun damages the skin, resulting in fine wrinkles, textures changes and in some cases irregular pigmentation (mottled brown discoloration). It has been proven that certain agents such as tretinoin, alpha-hydroxy acids, hydroquinone and kojic acid (when applied to the skin) will reduce the signs of these problems. Sunscreens prevent further ongoing skin damage from occurring.

When these agents are used in a synergistic fashion, fine wrinkles are decreased, texture changes are softened, and pigment changes are evened out. Dr. Groot  and Dr. Nakatsui have created medicated formulas and creams that contain a combination of these agents, in various strengths, to treat varying degrees of these problems.

Dr. Nakatsui, I have used your Formula #3 cream for many years and I swear it has held back the tides of time. As you know I was a sun worshipper in my younger years (baby oil and all) and by all accounts I should be a wrinkled prune by now. However daily use of your cream and sunscreen has brought me to the point where people are always asking me what I use on my skin and I am more than happy to tell them because it is so simple and so inexpensive….but so worth it. – M.K.

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