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Combined Treatments

Combination therapy used to be unusual but is now often considered the norm for many skin issues, such as the aging face, scarring, and even body sculpting.

Combination therapy makes sense because there are usually multiple components to every issue, not just one. For example, the aging face isn’t a result of just one thing but rather a combination of skin laxity, volume loss, dilated vessels, and pigment changes. You need to treat multiple components in order to fully address the problem.

To rejuvenate the skin, we need to address different components of the maturing face at different stages of the aging process. As time marches along more than one type of combination may be required to achieve the best results. For example a Soft Lift ™ may be sufficient initially but may eventually require the addition of a fractional ablative laser or our new Opus plasma resurfacing to improve skin texture.

Soft Lift ™

The Soft Lift ™ addresses dynamic wrinkles and volume loss of the aging face. These wrinkles result from repeated muscle movements that etch permanent lines into the skin. By combining muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, wrinkles can be erased and an uplifted, relaxed appearance of the skin is achieved. The muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers are injected as required. For example a woman in her late thirties may only require muscle relaxing injections for the glabellar (between the eyebrows) creases and dermal fillers for the nasolabial creases (between the corners of the nose and mouth). As a woman approaches 60 she may also require muscle relaxing injections to the forehead, crow’s feet and the bands of the neck as well as dermal fillers around the lips, to the corners of the mouth, and in the cheeks to achieve volume.

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.

*The testimonials presented on any of our Company’s websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others

“Botox injections have quite literally kept me looking younger than my age (60). I confess, I am a regular user – once every four months I get the works: between the eyebrows, over my forehead, crow’s feet, around my mouth and the cords in my neck. To top that off I have recently had Voluma in my cheeks as well as a filler between the nose and corners of my mouth. Wow that sounds like a lot. OK it is a lot but I feel so good after – it does quite literally give a soft lift to my face.”

— AJ

*The testimonials presented on any of our Company’s websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others

Opus Plasma Resurfacing

Our newest addition to our combination treatments is Opus microplasma resurfacing. Many times we are faced with patients who get great benefit from Botox and fillers, but still cannot get rid of the crepey skin under their eyes. Opus has been a huge addition to our armamentarium as we now have a great treatment to address this area.


Morpheus8 is often combined with other modalities because it works at a different depth and causes skin rejuvenation at a different level compared to the other treatments. For example, laser and plasma resurfacing works primarily near the surface of the skin. However, aging doesn’t just affect the surface. It also affects the deeper layers of the skin and with Morpheus8, we can treat up to 5 mm deep in the skin and promote collagen and elastin, and tighten the fibroseptal network.

Pearl Fusion

Pearl Fusion is a combination therapy that improves the quality of the maturing face. The combination of Fractional (Pearl Fractional) laser treatments preceded by Erbium laser (Pearl) treatments results in an improvements in fine wrinkles, pigment changes, tone and texture, as well as a noticeably smoother, brighter complexion. If a person has facial veins as well, the V-Beam laser is added into the Pearl Fusion mix in order to remove the veins. The results are synergistic.

Other Combination Treatments

Combination therapy is the cutting edge of therapy. When different types of treatments are used together the effect is synergistic; that is, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Medicinal agents can provide some benefit to a skin care regimen. Alphahydroxy acids, tretinoin, hydroquinone, and kojic acids can be combined in a moisturizing base creating a potent cream therapy (Dr. Nakatsui’s Formula #3) that acts to even out pigment changes, and soften texture changes when used daily .

Non-ablative phototherapy using the gentle application of a long wavelength laser light (PicoWay Resolve) tightens the collagen building blocks and elastins of the skin, evens out darker pigment changes and smooths out texture changes. Xeo Intense Pulse Light (IPL) phototherapy lightens pigmented lesions and reduces the redness of facial veins.

It is a must once a year…and makes the perfect birthday gift to myself. People constantly ask me why my skin is so smooth, even coloured, and firm. I love it and have recommended it to anyone who asks me about my skin. -DG

*The testimonials presented on any of our Company’s websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others.

Before and After Photos

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.