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Sclerotherapy is generally the treatment of choice for unwanted blood vessels on the legs. A sclerosing solution called Sclerodex is injected with a very fine needle into the unwanted blood vessels. Larger vessels are treated with a foaming irritant. The irritating solution causes the lining of the vein to become inflamed and the walls to adhere to each other thereby preventing blood from flowing into the vein. Over a period of weeks, the vessel normally closes off permanently preventing further influx of blood into the vein.

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**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.

**Actual patients. Individual results may vary.

Quick Facts About Sclerotherapy

Description: Injection of benign spider and varicose veins of the the legs, using a sclerosing solution to close off the vessels making them less visible.

Average Cost: $250.00-$600.00 per session dependent upon type of vessels; $150.00 for support stockings for deep vessels.

Length of Procedure: 15 to 45 minutes per treatment.

In/Outpatient: Outpatient.

Anesthesia: None.

Recovery Time: Normally return to work immediately or next day. Moderate exercise in 24 hours. May need to wear support hose or a compression wrap for two days to two weeks.

Treatment Frequency: Touch ups will be required from time to time as new veins become dilated and visible.

Risks: Bruising at injection site, pigmentation changes.

Duration of Results: Long-lasting; however, sclerotherapy does not prevent new veins from appearing.

Sclerotherapy is contraindicated in women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

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