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Slow Down Hair Growth

vaniqa for unwanted hair

Vaniqa is a prescription medication for the treatment for unwanted facial hair. The active ingredient is eflornithine hydrochloride and when applied to the skin in a cream form, it inhibits and slows the growth of hair.

It is not a depilatory and does not permanently remove hair. It reduces hair growth and is often used in combination with hair removal methods, such as waxing, tweezing, plucking or laser hair removal treatments. Due to the slower growth of facial hair, it is possible to reduce the frequency with which your hair removal treatments are necessary.

Vaniqa is gently rubbed into the affected areas of the face and/or neck and chin twice a day. Sun protection and makeup can be applied a few minutes after an application of Vaniqa.

Improvement takes place gradually over a period of 6 months. It is necessary to keep using Vaniqa in order to maintain the benefit. If the treatment is stopped the hair will return to the same condition as it was before the treatment started.

Vaniqa may cause temporary redness, rash, burning, stinging or tingling, especially if the skin is sensitive or damaged. These side effects are usually observed when a person first begins to use the cream.

I have added Vaniqa to my maintenance arsenal. I have blond facial hair so it is not obvious but it is plentiful. Because of my light hair, I am not a good candidate for laser hair removal so I have been waxing for years. However my skin is sensitive and I frequently end up with sores where the wax has stripped away a piece of skin. Having used Vaniqa for over a year, I have found that I hardly have to wax anymore.